Farewell Mo Farah – Wins Silver in final track race – WATCH AGAIN

Farewell Mo Farah a painful finish

Farewell Mo Farah – final track race at World Athletics Championships.

The crowd was ecstatic. They were watching a champion and one who will go down in history.  Mo Farah ran his last  track race in the 5,000m.

Weather conditions good and he shone among the athletes competing with him.

An amazing run. The athlete was superb. But there were times when it appeared Mo was struggling to keep going. There was also disappointment.

Mo Farah worked hard on his final lap. But Ethiopa’s Muktar Edris soared ahead and raced through the finish line with ease.  Farah was not far behind but could make it to the lead.

It was a moment of history for the athlete.  He was clearly disappointed but who cares.  Farah is a magnificent performer and deserves the support of the crowd, his fans and those from around the world.


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