Does Skye Have Too Many Tourists? – views are outstanding and breathtaking

Does Skye Have Too Many Tourists

Does Skye Have Too Many Tourists?  The sites are outstanding

Tourism bosses in Scotland say Skye is struggling to cope with the number of visitors

It is world-renowned for its breath-taking scenery and beauty. But this is causing some problems.

Police Scotland is warning people to stay away after an influx of visitors.  Having a clogged-up area of vehicles makes for safety concerns.

Local business owners want the Scottish government to provide funding to help Skye cope with all of its tourists.

Thousands of tourists make the trip across the Island each month, and many businesses rely on their custom.

Now tourist chiefs are trying to stop so many coming as they struggle with the vast numbers packing out hotels and B&Bs this summer.

Owners have suggested that the Government should invest more industry, in particular, Skye. It is bursting at the seams and cannot accommodate people eager to take in the view.

However, it is going to be difficult to stop the flow or interest in Skye. People are determined to be able to access the land of beauty. Spending money while visiting also helps to boost the local economy.

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