Saving Lives of the Indigenous Wayuu People – Nutrition – can’t grow own food

Saving Lives of the Indigenous Wayuu People – Nutrition

Saving Lives of the Indigenous Wayuu People – Nutrition. Health care is also important. Not having enough food has left many weak and without strength to toil the land.

Communities are in need of help after suffering a 5-year drought. This was followed by extreme rains and floods in the past few months.  Then worsened by El Niño’s effect in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This video looks at how people rebuild and live their daily lives in the La Guajira region of North East Colombia.  It is not easy for them.  They live high in the mountains and have run out of food.

While they are surrounded by fields, the extreme weather conditions has made it impossible to farm and grow their own products.

Support is on the way if not already there.  Volunteers are distributing food and can provide health guidance and care.

Four-wheel drive vehicles manage to climb the steep hills. But reaching small pockets of villages is difficult. Volunteers need to walk through the scrubland to reach those in need.

There is a small hospital where children suffering from nutritional ill-health can be treated. Adults can also receive treatment.

All this is able to happen with the assistance from ECHO as well as partner workers such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and UNICEF.  Without their help the community could disappear. Everyday living is difficult.

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