Rain and More Rain – it just won’t go away – will we get some hot weather?

Rain and More Rain
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Rain and More Rain.  It won’t go away. The story is about rain. Rain and more Rain in London and rest of country.

There’s rain and more rain.  Lots of it and it won’t stop. It’s happening in London and across the rest of the country. A miserable August and summer is not yet over😒😔☔️

Weather forecast is not promising.  There’s a suggestion sun will break through dark heavy clouds later in the week. But we are going to have to wait for that.

However, Britain’s summer has not been the best.  A few days have given heat with lots of sun but overall summer has been fresh with dark clouds and very little sunshine.

So, is this the view from your window or back door? Is it driving you crazy? What can be even more annoying is that a sunshine holiday is not on the horizon.

It is probable that the holiday break is under way in another country where the heat is always on and the beaches are lovely.  Working on a sun-tan is important at this time of year.  Why can’t we do it in UK?

Check it out and let us know.  Comments can be made below.

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