Cab Drivers Shelter Given Listed Status – no-one will be able to remove it!

Cab Drivers Shelter Given Listed Status

Cab Drivers Shelter Given Listed Status. Having this accolade means the building cannot be moved.  It will stay intact.

A shelter for Cab drivers in London has been given Listed II status by Historic England. It was awarded as they mark 70 years of the practice.

The little Green Shack is located in Grosvenor Gardens, not far from Victoria Station. The tiny unit has been offering cab drivers a break and escape since 1904.

Back then, when a cab was horse-driven, there was nowhere to shelter.  A break meant staying out in the open getting wet and cold.

Often the cabbies would nip into a pub to warm-up for the next job.  But what would happen is the guys would get pretty drunk and not capable of working or looking after their horses.

Shelters were built to protect the drivers. Later, food and drink could be bought.  About a dozen units were built across London.

But not all still standing.  However, the little green shed by Grosvenor Gardens chosen to be protected by Heritage England. With this status the building will remain where it is and as it is.  There has been praise at the decision made by Historic England.  The shelter is a popular place even though it is off the beaten track for some.

Tea and biscuits are still being served

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