How Royal Mail Made Its Stamp On Society – horses, boats only way to make rounds

How Royal Mail Made Its Stamp On Society
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How Royal Mail Made Its Stamp on Society – watch the changes made to the country’s delivery service.

There was a time when a subterranean railway once whizzed four million letters a day across London. The public were oblivious to it.  It is now a centrepiece of the new Postal Museum.

In the meantime.

An underground railway is far from the most unusual method the royal mail has used to deliver the post in years gone by.

It is fascinating to watch the methods used by the Posties to get mail to their owners.

For years horses, boats, and walking on foot got parcels and letters to their destinations. The postal service has always been a national industry.

It offered thousands of jobs to men and women across the country.  There was an outcry when decided to make the Postal service independent. Also, plans to change how to deliver a letter meant job losses.

Eventually, technology replaced some of the workforce. Horses and boats no longer required. Trains and planes perfect for fast efficient service. The UK now receives first class mail on its doorstep within 24 hours of being posted.

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