Modern Slavery Is Real – more widespread happening in every large town and city

Modern Slavery Is Real

Modern Slavery Is Real. It is happening in our communities.

The Charity Unseen, has released a new film titled Modern Slavery Is Real aimed at raising awareness about the crime. The video was published July 30, the United Nation’s World Day Against Trafficking In Persons. October 18 anti-slavery day. Important dates in the effort to combat slavery

Modern Slavery Is Real tells real stories of crime involving slavery and human trafficking and how Unseen is tackling it.

Unseen believes the public is often unaware of the forms it takes, for example, in nail bars, car washes. And even further down in the supply chains of smart phone manufacturers and favourite coffee producers. Unseen aims to work towards a world without slavery.  To do this they need public help to make this a reality.

Frontline professionals are at the end of a call to offer advice. They can also provide guidance for businesses who wish to consult on how they can tackle slavery that may exist in their supply chains.

Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700.

For more go to Unseen website:


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