England Is Mine Trailer – Aug 4 – Steven Patrick Morrissey – music biopic –

England Is Mine Trailer
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England Is Mine Trailer – Don’t miss this taster for fab english musician – hits cinemas August 4

This is how it goes
A portrait of Steven Patrick Morrissey and his early life in 1970’s Manchester. This is before he went on to become lead singer of seminal 80’s band The Smiths.

Guardian: When Jack Lowden  first read the script for the film he was blown away.  The bracing northern humour, the brave storytelling, the scenes that were, to his mind at least, perfect studies of teenage isolation.  There was only one problem: Lowden barely knew who Morrissey was.

Lowden: It was probably helpful that I wasn’t a massive fan. One trap you can fall into when playing someone iconic is to end up doing everything in an iconic way. No matter how pedestrian or  mundane that thing is.

Director: Mark Gill

Writers: Mark Gill, William Thacker

Cast: Jack Lowden,  Jessica Brown Findlay,  Jodie Comer, Laurie Kynaston

Music biopic

Film quotes:

What would you say if I told you we got ourselves a gig?  I’d say Billy get off the drugs.

The most used noun used in the English language is ‘time’ and I’m running out of it.

Why is everybody concerned about my happiness?

Steven Patrick Morrissey.  How is the world going to remember you?

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