Paolo Nespoli 3rd Launch to ISS – successful Vita mission – Click to WATCH AGAIN

Paolo Nespoli 3rd Launch for ISS

Paolo Nespoli 3rd Launch to ISS –  was successful. Click to WATCH AGAIN

The three astronauts have joined the crew on board the International Space Station. There was extensive training and preparation for this VITA MISSION.

Weather conditions were good.

ESA, NASA and Russian Space Agency scientists described the voyage a successful journey. Launch, docking and hatch opening worked as planned.  New cameras outside the Space Station captured some amazing footage of the Soyuz docking.

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli – 60 years old – flies for the third time to the International Space Station 28 July. The launch was on a Soyuz capsule with crew mates Russian cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky and US astronaut Randy Bresnik.

Paolo’s mission, called VITA, is part of a barter agreement between NASA and Italy’s ASI space agency involving ESA astronauts.

Launch schedule:

Lift off scheduled at 15:41 GMT / 21:41 Baikonur Time

and assuming a 4 orbit rendez-vous with ISS :

Docking to ISS is scheduled at 22h03 GMT (28 July) /04h03 Baikonur Time (29 July)

Hatch Opening at 00h00 GMT (28 July) / 06h00 Baikonur Time (29 July)

This is a dream come true. Astronaut Nespoli prepares daily with an intense programme. It will provide strength and energy required for this important mission.

Each of the astronauts will have various functions to carry out as the travel on the International Space Station.  Technology, engineering and science are among the expertise required for their journey.

It will also be an opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas and skills. Important for the crew to understand each other’s role.


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