Aeolus: Mastering Winds – new ESA mission – laser techniques

Aeolus: Mastering Winds

Aeolus: Mastering Winds – next ESA mission aiming for more accurate wind and weather data

Soon the European space agency ESA will launch its new earth observation satellite called Aeolus. Using cutting edge Laser technology Aeolus will provide near real-time observations of wind profiles across the globe. These will improve the accuracy of numerical weather prediction and climate modelling. Also,  advance the understanding of global atmospheric dynamics for example in the tropics.

Aeolus will fly in a sun-synchronous polar orbit. The satellite will send its data to the ESA ground station in Svalbard. The satellite will be launched with a Vega launcher from Kourou.

British scientists participate in ESA

video: ESA

Quotes:  We are the first agency trying to get a satellite in orbit that looks at the earth with a laser and trying to understand the wind profiles the direction, the height the windspeed 


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