Household Cavalry Go To The Beach – great majestic scenes on the sand and in the water

Household Cavalry Go To The Beach

Household Cavalry Go To The Beach – the exercise is great training for the horses and their riders

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has swapped its London base for a two-week visit to Norfolk for its annual rural regimental training camp.

More than 130 horses and 250 cavalrymen are spending time away from ceremonial duties to undergo a series of equestrian training exercises, including a ride out on Holkham Beach.

There’s no pomp and circumstance here.  It is all about strengthening relationship with the horses and giving them a chance to exercise freely.

Also the soldiers are keen to build trust while riding bareback.

Some of the horses haven’t seen the sea before so will need gentle care as they get to touch the water.  Also they need to get to know that their beachside activities is not just a frolic in the sea.

They are the most highly trained horses in the world and are greatly admired when on parade outside Buckingham Palace.  During these occasions their duties are complicated and intricate.  While horses and riders need to be aware of the public they also need to remain on patrol.


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