Astronaut Makes Third Mission to ISS at 60 – ago no barrier

Italian Astronaut Makes Third Mission to ISS at 60
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Astronaut Makes Third Mission to ISS at 60 – eager to go and not worried about age. Being in orbit is his expertise.

The European Space Agency astronaut may have done it before but this time Paolo Nespoli can’t wait to do it again. It is an opportunity not to miss

Astronaut Nespoli, who is from Italy, is scheduled to make his third spaceflight on 28th July. Live coverage will be broadcast when he lifts-off for ISS.

Nespoli will be launched onboard a Soyuz spacecraft from the Baikonur in Kazakhstan.  Once on board the Italian will join the rest of the crew living and working on the ISS.  The mission is for around five months.

Scientific experiments will help provide vital information for education and technology.

Despite being 60 years of age Paolo intends to make full use of his previous spaceflight experience in orbit. In space astronauts need to learn to walk with their hands and keep feet in place. Current training is helping to acquire the skill to do this

Age is no problem for ESA astronauts. Good health and experience are the crucial qualifications.  It is important to have the knowledge ahead of a mission.

Paolo made his first flight back in December 2010.  With this journey it will be like returning home.  Being in orbit is where the action is.

The video catches him preparing for the big lift-off!

British scientists participate in the European Space Agency

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