Jaguar E-Pace Wins World Record Breaking Stunt – epic barrel roll

Jaguar E-Pace Wins World Record Breaking Stunt

Jaguar E-Pace Wins World Record Breaking Stunt.  All new Jaguar E-Pace revealed with epic barrel roll stunt.

Jaguar recreated the iconic James Bond car stunt to debut new SUV

Behind the wheel was stunt driver Terry Grant, who has completed stunts on many film sets and holds an impressive 21 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles.

Months of testing and analysis were completed to fine-tune the stunt.  This included having to achieve precisely the correct speed of run-up. The ramps were modelled extensively using CAD before any jumps took place.

Terry experienced a G-Force of 5.5 during the 270 degree twist.  A 160-metre run up was required to hit the air at the correct speed.

It was arranged for  the stunt to be tested and analysed on CAD (computer aided design) before the jump took place. It allowed Jaguar to work out the speed and distance required for the stunt to be pulled off successfully.

The stunt took place at the ExCel in London.  It is the only location large enough to be able to perform the roll

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