Theresa May speech modern working practices – watch summary

Sky News Live - Theresa May speech
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Theresa May speech modern working practices – watch video summary of what the PM said

‘Feeble’ review into gig economy workers’ rights faces criticism.

A Government-ordered review into gig economy workers’ rights has been branded as feeble. Theresa May commissioned the review to help reassess conditions for lower earners and those in the so-called gig industry.

It recommended a new category of dependent contractor workers.  There should also be genuine two-way flexibility so that workers can have additional protections.

The report’s author, Matthew Taylor, said “fairness demands” that people, particularly those on lower incomes, had routes to progress in work.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the government would be looking at the report’s recommendations seriously.

When asked if the report would end up gathering dust, Ms May acknowledged that, without a Commons majority, she could only act with support from other political parties.

She abandoned the sharp attacks on unfair business practices that won praise when she took office last year, instead praising the “flexibility” of the British economy.

There have been reports that this speech was not one her best.  She stumbled and lost track of what she was saying


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