Grenfell Judge Faces Angry Residents – you don’t respect me

Grenfell Judge Faces Angry Residents

Grenfell Judge Faces Angry Residents – he responded by saying there was no respect for him

The retired judge who will head the Grenfell Tower inquiry has faced angry residents and survivors in a three-hour long meeting.

A video of the meeting shows the ex-judge saying he would find the facts as I see them from the evidence.

Joe Delaney, of the Grenfell Action Group, told the BBC that Sir Martin Moore-Bick was not jeered or booed, but people were sceptical about him.  Others said he could not hold the room.

He has already faced calls to step down just days after being appointed.

Sir Martin said he had been invited to the meeting by the Lancaster West Residents Association.

The judge described it afterwards as a very useful meeting.

Mr Delaney told BBC Radio 5 live that Sir Martin was not jeered or booed. It was more scepticism. He added you could hear people sighing and tutting.

One resident described the situation with the Judge as being someone who could not hold a room. There were about 200 people there.  The Judge was also accused of trying to rush things

video BBC production


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