Grenfell Tower Fire: The Messages – tributes to those involved

Grenfell Tower Fire: The Messages

Grenfell Tower Fire: The Messages – the wall is filled with words and notes from the community

The wall is not far from the burnt-out building in Kensington. The community was in shock and one way to deal with it was to write messages to those affected.

Nearly every space that was available has been filled with notes of anger, hate and love. But there is more wall alongside.

Writings have drawn people from across London.  Many just want to stand and read them while others add to the words that are already there.

The location is a scene of heartache and despair. This is reflected in the comments and remarks written by the people.

Watch the video and catch the writings.  There are many inspiring and captivating words – not all are in English.  But that doesn’t matter.  The message is the same.

It is fascinating how a wall can turn into a message centre for those who have suffered. There is something therapeutic about making your feelings public.

They also draw readers and many are attracted to what has been said by those who have been hurt or just want to write a message of love, peace, hate and anger

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