London Tower Block Fire: the witnesses – watched high-rise burn

London Tower Block Fire: the witnesses

London Tower Block Fire: the witnesses tell their stories. The inferno shocked the capital and the rest of the nation. It’s not expected survivors will be found

Twelve people have died and the number of deaths is expected to rise.  Firefighters rescued 65 people from Grenfell Tower in north Kensington, after they were called at 00:54 BST.

Witnesses said people were trapped in the tower block, and that some jumped from windows in an effort to escape. A baby was thrown to rescuers below.  The child survived.  The blazing building stunned the community.

Theresa May said there would be a full investigation and “if there are any lessons to be learned they will be”.

It is understood that several hundred people would have been in the block when the fire broke out, most of them sleeping.

Those on the lower levels managed to get away.  But the higher floors trapped residents making it impossible to escape

The tower had around 120 flats. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

The ambulance service said 68 patients were taken to six hospitals across London, with 18 in critical care. A further 10 patients made their own way to hospital.

But many more people are unaccounted for and loved ones have appealed on social media for information.

The Queen has sent a message paying tribute to relatives, friends and family of those involved in the fire

Emergency services are still on the site as small amount of flames can still be seen.

Prime Minister has visited the area. But no media has been invited to cover her visit

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