Food Toys Clothes For Fire Victims – donations poured in as volunteers arrived

Food Toys Clothes for Fire Victims

Food Toys Clothes For Fire Victims – hundreds from around the Capital arrived to lend a helping hand for the survivors of the blaze.

Car loads and people carrying bags brimming with essential products arrived offering goods and help.

Residents of Glenfell high-rise flats who managed to escaped from the fire found themselves with nothing but the clothes they were sanding in.

But not before long donations began to mount up in the local community centres.  There was something for everyone.

Health products, clothing, and toys for the children.

Locals found they couldn’t sit at home and watch the horrific inferno.  Action was needed and it was important to volunteer help and support.

It was just before 1am Wednesday 14 June when the firefighters arrived to find the 24-storey building was engulfed in flames.

The rescue operation was and overwhelming job. There were screams for help but not everybody could be reached or found.

As dawn broke the enormity of the disaster spread across London. Neighbours and locals raced to the scene to offer their help or services. It was a battle difficult to win.

Video journalists: Ed Ram and Lily Lee

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