Tim Peake Trains New ESA Astronaut – Matthias Maurer next for ISS

Tim Peake Trains New Astronaut
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Tim Peake Trains New ESA Astronaut – the European Space Agency turned to Tim to help the German with the essential skills needed to work on the ISS

Matthias Maurer, ESA’s newest astronaut, has been training with Tim Peake at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas.

During practical and theory classes they’ve learned skills necessary to perform EVA, or Extra Vehicular Activities.  A lot of it is already familiar to Britain’s astronaut Tim Peake who worked outside the station in January 2016.

They also spent time in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, a pool housing replica ISS modules which allows astronauts to experience near microgravity conditions.

Johnson Space Centre has all the facilities required for important training when travelling in space.  It is all aimed at be able to survive, live and work on the International Space Station.

Matthias is thrilled to be able to carry out his life’s dream as an astronaut.  A walk in space will be the ultimate achievement.

It is no easy role. But for a journey in space special techniques must be learned as well as having stamina and energy.

Not an easy job.  Good Tim Peake able to help.  A great joint effort.  It’s know what its all about.  Watch the video

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