Election 2017 How The Night Unfolded – a Hung Parliament – Theresa May in a difficult situation

Election 2017 How The Night Unfolded

Election 2017 How The Night Unfolded.  What a night!  Election has ended in a hung parliament

Theresa May does not have a clear majority and ended up in a ‘worse’ position than before.

Some have said she has shot herself in the foot.  Conservatives 318 seats  Labour 261

On the other hand Nigel Corbyn has done well.  But not well enough to win.  However, he has surprised his critics by the number of seats Labour have won. He is likely to stay as leader of the party after reports that he would be removed if he failed.

There are calls for Theresa May to stand down but she has refused to resign.  It seems though that her future is in doubt.  Anything could happen

The real issue is going to be Brexit.  Negotiations were expected to start next week but have been put on hold.  Brussels is monitoring closely political developments in the UK.  Theresa May seems to have lost a lot of authority and some would say her position has weakened in dealing with Brexit.

In the meantime Labour is confident that they could run a government with the number of seats they’ve got.

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