Despacito The Latin hit taking over the world – best ever – breaks global streaming record – Luis Fonsi is proud

Despacito The Latin hit taking over the world

Despacito The Latin hit taking over the world – an amazing hit all sung in Latin American Spanish. Luis Fonsi’s latin track has become the most streamed song of all time since it was released 6 months ago.

Despacito has become the longest-running foreign language number one in UK chart history. And it’s been viewed more than a billion times on YouTube.

Congratulations.  We love your song and video!  We doesn’t matter that you sing it in Latino Spanish. And we love Justin Biba.  Great that he joined you on the record.  Justin works well with Luis.

Luis Fonsi is from Puerto Rico and is well-known as a songwriter, singer and actor.  He seems to have struck the right note with this song.

It can be heard EVERYWHERE. Despacito is in just about every chart on any radio station and TV music shows.

For example Despacito has led the Billboard top 100 for four weeks.  Success began back in January after Fonsi released the song’s original music video.  It was recorded in Puerto Rico

According to his chat, ideas began coming together.  The idea of singing in Latino was appealing and the added beat that developed from the writing completed the song.

Luis is a good-looking guy and has won the hearts of many Latinas and other females across the globe. He is also charming and loves what he does.

What makes this song such a giant hit in places as far away as Arkansas and Berlin? Singer Luis Fonsi tells us why.

Video BBC by Paul Blake.

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