PM London Attack Enough is Enough – Theresa May: extremism will not be tolerated in our society

PM enough is enough

PM London Attack Enough is enough – time for things to change – too much tolerance of extremism in country

The Prime Minister delivered her tough message outside Downing Street Sunday morning.  She had been in a Cobra – Security Intelligence – meeting following the attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market.

There was determination in her delivery that this time the Government would get it right and set process in motion to end the atrocities.

Mrs May condemned the terror attack on innocent and unarmed civilians. 7 people were killed in the atrocity and about 48 injured many with severe injuries when a van rammed into pedestrians on London Bridge.  It shocked the nation as police poured into the area

Social media is to be scrutinised and was a key element in Theresa May’s speech.

A crucial reference to terrorism was that Mrs May believes there is “too much tolerance of extremism in our society.”

The London Bridge and Borough Market attacks are the third in UK in three months.  They follow the attack in Westminster in March in which five people died.  Also Manchester bombing less than two weeks ago when 22 people were killed.

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