Crossing the border four times in 10 minutes – Belfast to Dublin – confusing journey

Crossing the border four times in 10 minutes
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Crossing the border four times in 10 minutes – it could be very confusing not only for tourists but also locals

Crossing the border four times in 10 minutes. When Brexit happens, the UK will suddenly have a major land border with the EU – the frontier between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

One road crosses the border four times in 10 minutes, but can you spot where the crossings are?

Drive along the modern motorway that links Belfast to Dublin and the only clue that you have crossed is the subtle switch from signposts in miles to those in kilometres.

Keen-eyed, you might spot the change in the markings on the sides of the road.

It is a child’s guessing game – north or south, are we there, aren’t we here?

About 50 years ago, it was easier. The good roads were in Northern Ireland – you knew you had hit the Republic when the potholes rattled the car.

The road signs in the south were more dramatic than the north. They came in sets and block capitals: SLOW; SLOWER; SLOWER STILL.

But it has some beautiful terrain on the way and it’s worth a diversion or two.

BBC video journalist Peter Hamill

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