French Russian Astronauts Back on Earth – Live ended

French Russian Astronauts return to earth

French Russian Astronauts return to earth

French Russian astronauts back on earth June 2.  LIVE ENDED

Fri, Jun 02, 2017 | 07:15 – 20:30 GMT | 09:15 – 22:30 CEST 

The live coverage of the return to Earth of Thomas Pesquet and his Expedition 51 crew mate Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy is over.

They both landed safely in Kazakhstan and going through the process of medical checks and other data.

Video highlights are being shown of the two astronauts preparing for their departure.

ESA TV had live coverage of all key moments of the operations starting with :

– Farewell ceremony and hatch closing at 07:35 GMT (tx 0715-0800GMT).

– Undocking of the Soyuz MS-03 from the Rassvet ISS module scheduled at 10:47 GMT (tx 1030-1110GMT).

– Landing coverage itself will start some 30 minutes before touch down in the steppes of Kazakhstan, scheduled at 14:10 GMT, 16:10European time, 20:10 Kazakhstan time (tx 1345-1515GMT).

All times in Central European Summer time
Farewells and closing of the spacecraft hatch         09:30
Undocking                                                                      12:50
First thruster firing to start reentry and landing    15:17
Landing                                                                            16:10

The ESA French astronaut will then return straight to the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany, for checkups and research into how humans adapt to living in space.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet has spent six months on the International Space Station for his Proxima mission, running 60 experiments for the partners of the weightless research laboratory as well as maintaining the outpost. Thomas performed two spacewalks while sharing his out-of-this-world adventure on social media.


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