Diane Abbott on her past and present views of the IRA

Diane Abbott on Andrew Marr

Diane Abbott has changed her views on the IRA.  She had previously claimed “a defeat for the British state would be a great liberation”.

Speaking to Andrew Marr, the shadow home secretary said a quote he produced was 34 years old, and “we have all moved on”.

She told him: “I had a rather splendid Afro at the time. I don’t have the same hair style, I don’t have the same views – it is 34 years on.”

Diane Abbott’s comments have thrown social and main media into a spin.  They were considered unusual especially on a programme with potential influence.

They are making headlines as the date for the General Election is drawing near.  Britain goes to the polls June 8.

Also, they are come at a time when people are still immersed with emotion over the Manchester bombing where 22 people were killed. Should the Labour Party win concerns over security issues would spread across the country.

Diane Abbott has run into trouble before over comments she has or has not made.  She became confused on a radio station’s phone-in over how much it would cost for an extra 10,000 police officers.

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