Manchester: Terror Threat Level Raised to Critical – military join police on streets

Manchester: terror threat level raised to critical
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Manchester: Terror Threat Level Raised to Critical – soldiers join police on streets in key areas of the country

Prime Minister Theresa May made an announcement about changing security levels in the UK.  It follows meetings with the Intelligent services following the attack on Monday 22 May.

She said they had been raised to its highest level of “critical”.  This means more attacks may be imminent, the prime minister has said.

Military personnel will now be deployed to protect key sites as a result of the new threat level.

It comes after Monday night’s attack at Manchester Arena, which killed 22 and injured 59.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd says it “seems likely” that suspected bomber Salman Abedi was not acting alone.  He was known “up to a point” by the intelligence services.

It is expected up to 3,800 troops will be deployed on the streets around the UK.  Amber Rudd  “absolutely” expects the critical threat level to be temporary.

The change in terror threat comes after investigators were unable to rule out whether suspect Salman Abedi was part of a group.  He is a 22-year-old born in Manchester to parents of Libyan descent and had been to Libya recently

Intelligent services are asking if anyone has information about the attack they can call the anti-terror hotline on 0800 789321.

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