PM Manchester Terrorist Attack – terrorists will never win

PM Manchester Terrorist Attack

PM Manchester Terrorist Attack – Police know the suicide bomber. By the end of May 23rd the UK terror threat level had risen to critical

But the day had begun with The Prime Minister making a statement about the atrocity of the Manchester Arena explosion which happened in the foyer as pop singer Ariana Grande was ending her show.

Theresa May condemned the ‘callous terrorist attack’ as she delivered her speech outside Downing Street. She had been meeting with the UK’s security forces.

But first, Mrs May extended sympathy to the families of those who lost loved ones and those injured by the violent attack.  Then she described the blast as the worst ever to hit the north of England.  And added the country was struggling to comprehend the vicious attack.

Theresa May was angry that the atrocity had taken so many young lives saying that young people attending the pop concert were deliberately and indiscriminately targeted.

The Queen has spoken of her shock.  In a statement, she also thanked the emergency services and expressed admiration for the response of people in Manchester

Pop singer Ariana Grande expressed her sorrow in a tweet: Broken. from the bottom of m heart, i am so so sorry.  I don’t have words.

The Prime Minister visited the Manchester Arena where the violent attack happened. Before leaving she visited children in hospital who had been injured in the explosion.

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