Theresa May Election Manifesto – A Stronger Britain A Prosperous Future

the manifesto

Theresa May election manifesto has promised a Stronger Britain and a Prosperous Future.

The Prime Minister was welcomed by a large crowd of supporters as she prepared to deliver her speech.

Key policies include: Increases in NHS spending which would reach £8bn extra per year by 2022/23.  The triple-lock on the State Pension scrapped and Net migration would be cut to below 100,00.

Mrs May chose to present the Conservative Manifesto in Halifax a strong Labour area.  A small demonstration took place outside the centre where she was speaking and delayed the presentation for a short time.

Political analysts believe the manifesto is likely to see Theresa May head for victory.  The Prime Minister is considered to be the best person for Brexit and the negotiations ahead.  Another reason the public will give her their vote.

But complacency is not a good thing. There could be surprises.  Polls have Jeremy Corbyn creeping up close behind Mrs May.  So anything could happen.

General Election is June 8


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