Thomas Pesquet Mission Highlights – returns to earth

Thomas Pesquet Mission Highlights

Thomas Pesquet Mission Highlights – it was a dream

Thomas Pesquet will shortly be returning to Earth after a six-month stay onboard the International Space Station. Named Proxima, this mission is the ninth long-duration flight for an ESA astronaut.

Thomas’s in-orbit schedule includes around 50 experiments for ESA and the French Space Agency CNES,. So far he’s carried out two maintenance spacewalks alongside station commander Shane Kimbrough.

Thomas was the 11th European to “walk” in space.

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli will replace Pesquet among the space station crew.

The French astronaut had a lifelong ambition to travel in space.  So, when he was accepted by the European Space Station to travel to the International Space Station – it was a dream come true.

He was the perfect candidate to follow Britain’s astronaut Tim Peake. The two had trained together in their preparations for space. They became good friends.

Overall, the mission has been successful.  ESA has praised the french astronaut for his hard work and the number of experiments he has carried out.  There was also maintenance to do on the space craft.  Repair work was also essential to areas outside the craft. Pesquet and NASA crew member Shane Kimbrough went on a walk mission to mend batteries. The two needed to check leaks in the cooling system.  This was not easy. They were wearing heavy thick gloves making it difficult to grip the spare parts.

Young aspiring students were encouraged to submit experiments so they could learn from the French astronaut.  There were occasions when it was fun and exciting.  The so-called games ended up looking crazy.


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