King Arthur European Premiere – movie in cinemas May 19

David Beckham with fans
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King Arthur European Premiere. The fans were ecstatic as they crammed into Leicester Square

Star personality David Beckham was on the red carpet.  The former footballer doesn’t play on the field but on the big screen in his key role as Trigger in the movie.  His wife Victoria tweeted that she was proud of him.

Lead star is Charlie Hunnam.  He was thrilled when director Guy Ritchie gave him the role as King Arthur.  Hunnam said he put a lot into convincing Ritchie that he was the right man for the job.  He is a tough man not only on screen but also in real life!

The director described his film as “it rattles along at quite a pace.”  Ritchie wanted to bring something different to the story.  He also aimed to make it a bit cooler, rougher round the edges.

But there was no doubt that the acting team were thrilled to take part in the film

King Arthur hits cinemas May 19


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