Citizen Journalism Competition – entries closed winners June 22

Big Prize Money in Citizen Journalism competition
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Big prize money in Citizen Journalism Competition – ENTRIES HAVE CLOSED.  Winners announced June 22 at a special reception held by the Media Society.

A prize of £2,000 is being offered to learn how to be a Citizen Journalist in London. The only qualification you need is to be over 16 years old. The second prize is £750 and third £250.

The competition is headed by The Media Society and London Learning Consortium (LLC). It is dubbed ‘London Voices’. These two key organisations want to support any Londoners interested in a career in journalism, or who just want to get their voices heard.  They recognise there is great potential out there.

The news interest can be in either print, broadcast (video or audio) or online media.  The internet is brimming with demand for content as surfing online increases daily. Just so long as you are dead keen on entering the journalism industry or contributing to the news stories of the day.  Backers of the competition are ready and willing to put you on the road toward a successful career.

Winners will get to meet the ‘right people’ in the industry which will give them a great head start.

Those who win will be able to use their money to develop their own journalistic skills.  London Voices wants to encourage and generate fresh, new and an inspirational perspectives of the Capital.

For more information go:

Twitter @LondonVoices16 and email

Deadline 22 May, 2017. Winners announced 22 June 2017.

Catch the video as we talk to the coordinator of this major competition.  It is a great competition


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