Theresa May Attacks EU – don’t threaten our General Election

serious consequences if talks fail

Theresa May attacks EU. “Don’t threaten us”

The Prime Minister accused Brussels and European press of ‘threats and misrepresentations’ and attempting to interfere with Britain’s general election.

She delivered this stinging message in a speech outside Downing Street just minutes after meeting the Queen.

Mrs May was clear in her accusation that Brussels wanted Brexit talks to fail.  They did not want the negotiations to succeed.

In a reference to European reports of a disastrous briefing at Downing Street between her and top ranking officials of the EU, led her to believe there were efforts to derail the election.

She wanted to reach a deal.  Failure would be felt by ordinary working people across the country.

Parliament has been dissolved kick starting the General Election.  PM began her campaign by telling the electorate there were only two people who could lead the Brexit talks.  They could choose her or Jeremy Corbyn.


There has been criticism from Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP who described the speech as ‘poisoning’ the atmosphere.

The Lib Dems accuse the PM of ‘creating a row for her own political ends”.  UKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn said millions of his party’s voters remained worried the UK would leave the EU “with the worst possible terms”.

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said she was “playing party games with Brexit” to try to win the election.

But it has all been said.  It is likely there would be many among the community who would agree with the PM’s attack on Brussels. After all should the country sit back and accept the comments from EU officials who seem to be ridiculing not only Theresa May but also Britain.  It was not acceptable she said.

All parties are now in full swing for an Election. Manifesto’s are being rushed out and the battle is on.  Campaign rallies will hear various views of how the country should progress in light of Brexit. Who will win the Election?  Analysts say Mrs May has a big lead in the opinion polls.  She has said the only poll that is important is the one on June 8.

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