Surfer Survives 32 Hours in Sea – he thanked the ‘heroes’ who saved him

Surfer survives 32 hours in sea

Surfer Survives 32 Hours in Sea before being spotted by rescue team.  It was meant to be a holiday weekend of good surfing.  It went wrong

A surfer who was rescued after spending 32 hours in the sea has thanked the “heroes” who saved him.

Speaking from his hospital bed in Belfast, Matthew Bryce said he was grateful to be receiving treatment following his ordeal.

The 22-year-old from Glasgow was picked up by a coastguard helicopter 13 miles off the Argyll coast on Monday night after going surfing on Sunday morning.

He is now receiving treatment for the effects of hypothermia. Matthew is expected to spend some time in hospital.

Roller Coaster

In a statement, issued through Ulster Hospital, Mr Bryce said: “I am so grateful that I am now receiving treatment in hospital.

Matthew added, “I can’t thank those enough who rescued and cared for me – they are all heroes.” He described his experience as being like a roller coaster ride.  He couldn’t believe he had been spotted at sea and saved.

The family of Mr Bryce reported  him missing after failing to return from a surfing trip on Sunday. He was last seen at about 09:00 on Sunday in the St Catherine’s coastline area.

He was believed to be heading to Westport Beach near Campbeltown.  Matthew is believed to have set off from Machrihanish beach.

A rescue helicopter spotted the surfer.  It was still daylight.  He was wearing the right equipment that made him visible at a distance.  Rescue team said he was extremely lucky. The relatively calm conditions in the Irish sea helped to winch up Matthew.  Medics said he was suffering from hypothermia.

video: Maritime and Coastguard Agency

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