Mum has hit with ‘smell of poo’ song – big hit on Facebook

Mum has hit with smell of poo song

Mum has hit with ‘smell of poo’ song – gone viral on social media

A parody of Shape of You, which includes the lyrics “I gag at the smell of poo”, is a Facebook hit.

Sarah McCartney, second cousin to Paul McCartney, couldn’t resist penning her own lyrics to the song.  A mum of two adorable children she said she found herself constantly cleaning up poo.

The smell would cling in the air of the house as well as on her clothes.

Even the bed sheets would have the odour of just have changed a ‘dirty’ nappy.

Sarah say’s she her lyrics are an honest story of the everyday struggles of being a parent especially with two children.

Since the song has become a great social media hits she has had loads of messages from Mums who agree with her and praise her for having the courage to sing about the mess.

video BBC Liverpool

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