Brothers Row Atlantic for Skin Cancer Mission – 3,000 miles in 24ft boat

Brothers row Atlantic
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Brothers Row Atlantic for Skin Cancer Mission

A doctor and teenager are to row the Atlantic in a 24ft boat to raise funds for Skin Cancer. They decided on the challenge after watching sailor Peter Massey – father of Jude and step-father to Dr Greg Bailey – die of the debilitating disease.

The brothers lived with Peter by the sea in Lymington, South West England. Together, they have formed team ‘Ocean Brothers’ pledging to raise £100,000 for the British Skin Foundation.

Greg and Jude will row the 3,000 mile voyage non-stop from Gran Canaria to Barbados in January 2018.

Both are in full training for the massive journey as well as working.  Their background has always been connected to the ocean but they’ve also tackled skiing and mountain climbing.

The Brothers are used to tackling unknown waters but the Atlantic Ocean will be something different and one of their biggest challenges ever!

Full details about the ‘Ocean Brothers’ and for more on the guys and how they are preparing for the challenge go to

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