‘Illicit’ London Gin Distillery Re-opens its Doors – 100 year old building

'Illicit' London gin distillery re-opens

Man decided to make his own gin after finding the illegal equipment in a property he bought

‘Illicit’ London Gin Distillery Re-opens its Doors.

The gin company was once disguised as a local bakery in Enfield.  Ian Puddick, the new owner decided to take advantage of what he found and formed the Old Bakery Gin company.

Puddick used to own a leak detection firm but had to shut down because of plans to knock down the building in which he had his office.

The hunt was on for another property.  He came across the old bakery took a look at it and said it was for him.  He had no idea the distillery was inside.  Well not until he began researching who the original owners were and discovered the history of the distillery.

He is proud of the property and its ‘illegal’ history.  Spurred on by this, Ian formed his own gin company and began bottling his own product.


It was exciting times for Ian.  Once the word began to spread he became one of the most popular producers in the business.  Ian has won two tasting excellence awards and already has his gin stocked in Harrods, Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges.

However, if you drop by it may be possible to have a taste and decide which is the best for you!



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