General Election June 8 – Theresa May calls vote to stop division on Brexit

General Election June 8

General Election June 8 – the vote has been called by Prime Minister Theresa May. She made the announcement outside Downing Street.

General Election June 8 may have been a surprise call by the Prime Minister.  But political analysts believed it would happen. However it did shock the nation

The Chamber of the House of Commons was always a close vote on Brexit issues.  House of Lords also proved obstinate and attempted to block the Bill going through.

PM stated division in Westminster was preventing her from delivering a Brexit which the people voted for in a referendum last year.

Labour Party welcomed the announcement.

Now there is to be an Election.  It is up to the British people – again to vote and decide whether Theresa May stays PM and sort out Brexit. Or, whether they would prefer Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn to take-over.  Or, even another party

Either way Brexit still needs to be sorted.  Analysts say Mrs May will win with a greater majority. This will give her the strength she needs in Westminster and the backing she needs to deliver Brexit.


There has been mixed reaction to the call for a General Election. Some members of the public were surprised by the announcement.  Another vote was not welcome.  Too many have been held and people are tired of them. But the vote is on June 8 and the people will have to decide. The outcome will be in the hands of the nation.  It will be difficult to predict how they will vote but it is expected that the Conservatives will have a good chance of winning.


Polls are having a great time.  Depending on who commissioned them they are suggesting Corbyn could be a surprise winner.  Other polls forecast a win for the Conservatives but not necessarily a landslide victory.  Theresa May is confident and has pointed out that Polls were not right for the EU referendum nor the last Election in 2015.

But there is great curiosity with polls.  They tend to give a feel of how people are thinking and there is the saying: “you never know what will happen”.

There are interesting days ahead.

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