Space Debris LIVE – 7th European Conference – WATCH AGAIN

Space Debris watch again

Space Debris LIVE – 7th European Conference on Space Debris – LIVE broadcast APR 21 – WATCH AGAIN

The meeting addressed one of the most important issues in the future of space. Members of the conference tackled the urgent problem of junk in orbit.

Millions of pieces of man-made trash are now orbiting the Earth. Some are tiny, others are large enough to be seen with a telescope, but all pose a risk to space craft and satellites.

And according to experts the threat is growing as space becomes more and more crowded.

Some 23,000 pieces of space junk are large enough to be tracked by the US Space Surveillance Network. But most objects are under 10cm (4in) in diameter and can’t be monitored. Even something the size of a paper clip can cause catastrophic damage.


Introduction by ESA Director General Jan Woerner and Director for Operations Rolf Densing, followed by keynote presentation by Don Kessler, former NASA scientist

Plenary session chaired by Manuel Metz (DLR) and Christian Cazeaux (CNES) and including Hugh Lewis (University of Southampton), J.C. Liou (Head of NASA Orbital Debris Program Office), Satomi Kawamoto (JAXA) and Thomas Schildknecht (AIUB)

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