The Racing Driver Who Became a Ballerina – a passion

The Racing Driver who became a Ballerina

The Racing Driver Who Became a Ballerina. A passion since childhood. Friends were kept in the dark about her life

Sophie is one of the first transgender students to sit a prestigious Royal Academy of Dance exam.

She was a racing driver for nearly a decade before leaving motor sport behind and following her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina.

After three years of lessons, she’s about to find out if she passed the test.

There was  no doubt in Sophie’s mind that she wanted to be a dancer.  She was watching Blue Peter one day when she said to her Mum that she wanted to be a ballerina.

It took some years to achieve this because her life was as a man.  Sophie says she kept it hidden and didn’t want friends and family to know.  Her male career was in the army and then to racing cars on the track.

Sophie is successful in her new role.

Filmed and produced by Andrew Silke for BBC 5 Live

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