Is Britain a Christian Country? – vote in our Poll

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Is Britain a Christian Country? – vote in our Poll

Theresa May has launched a robust defence of the right of Christians to speak out about their faith.  In a video posted on the Downing Street You Tube Channel she makes clear the importance of being able to be open about religion in the UK.

She pledged that the government will stand up for people who openly profess their faith and will counter those who seek to drive religion from public life.

Her message comes after a row about the word Easter being removed from a National Trust chocolate egg hunt and incidents where employees have been told to remove religious symbols in the work place.

These events have offended many christian people – up until now their views have not been heard.

There are strong views about being Christian.  People are entitled to follow a faith and want the choice. However, non-christians prefer to remain outside the religious sphere and not participate at all.

What are your views?  Let us know if the United Kingdom is christian or not?

Is Britain a Christian Country?

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