6 Days trailer – Aug 4 – true story of siege and terrorism

6 Days trailer
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First 6 Days trailer is here – watch exciting scenes from the film starring Jamie Bell, Mark Strong and Abbie Cornish.  Location shots show the capital at its best.  Hits cinemas across the UK August 4

This is how it goes

6 Days is a new feature film chronicling the events that took place during the notorious Iranian Embassy siege in London, 1980.  The whole country stopped still and looked on as a tense standoff played out between the British security forces and armed militants, culminating in a dramatic and brutal assault.

Directed by Toa Fraser, the film was shot on location in London, in and around Knightsbridge.  The screenplay was written by acclaimed screenwriter Glenn Standring after extensive research and interviews with various individuals who played a key part in the days leading up to, during, and after the Embassy siege.

The framework for the film largely follows the perspective of three people who played a vital part in the events at the time. All caught up in the action as it unfolded throughout the six days.

Cast: Hostage negotiator Max Vernon (played by Mark Strong), the man responsible for communicating with the terrorists inside the building; news reporter Kate Adie (Abbie Cornish), who was covering the events for the BBC and Rusty Firmin (Jamie Bell), leader of the SAS assault teams that entered the Iranian Embassy to end the siege.

At the time

It was a headline story across the nation and the globe.  It didn’t seem possible that such an act of terrorism could take place in daylight and in the heart of London.  Main concern was for the families inside.  Twenty six people had been captured on 30 April 1980.  Most of the hostages were Embassy staff. The terrorists demanded the release of prisoners in Khuzestan and free passage out of the UK.

News coverage was transmitted on a regular basis on ITV and BBC.  There was no 24 hour news.

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