Dealing with Space Debris – experts to meet for solutions

Dealing With Space Debris


Dealing with Space Debris –  scientists warn it is time to act and clean up space

The Earth is surrounded by a cloud of space debris. This material ranges from dead satellites and upper stages of launchers, to fragments of material and even flecks of paint.  All this junk could do enormous damage to operational spacecraft.

More than 18 thousand objects travell around earth and each of them a threat to space travel and satellites.

Methods and ideas for catching or dealing with the junk are being put together.  They are created by specialists in the industry and monitored by the European Space Agency.  But more needs to be done. There are signs of danger should any of the pieces fall to earth.

With so many out there anything could happen and lead to a stop in space exploration.

Debris in space needs immediate action not only from Europe but around the world.  Loose particles swirl around in a spiral effect.  They end up crashing into each other causing more rubbish.

Clean up

Experts from around the world will be meeting at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) at Darmstadt in Germany on 18 April (2017).  It will be the 7th European Conference on Space Debris.

Delegates to discuss the extent of the debris problem and what can be done. It’s essential to ensure that satellites provide us with services such as navigation. TV and weather forecasts can operate in the future without risks.

The video has some great visuals of junk floating in space as well as experts explaining the reason for the big clean up.  Also in the video you watch units that monitor the growth of garbage in space


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