The Sense of an Ending Gala Screening – UK premiere central London

The Sense of an Ending gala
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The Sense of an Ending gala screening was held at the Picture House in central London. It arrives in cinemas across the country April 14.

The Sense of an Ending gala brought together leading stars who attended the special red carpet UK premiere.

The film has an intriguing story to tell.  Jim Broadbent raved about his role. He plays a retired, reserved senior citizen who works part-time in a camera shop. One day, a letter arrives and things are never the same again.   He said he loved playing the part in the film.

Charlotte Rampling thoroughly enjoyed her role in the movie.  She particularly liked the fact that the location work was in London and she got to see some lovely spots.  It was also easier for her to find the places where she was shooting.  It was like home from home for her

This is how the story goes…

A business owner, played by Jim Broadbent, reunites with his first love. She is played by Charlotte Rampling. A letter and a diary force him to confront her and the past.

The Sense of an Ending had its world premiere in January at the Palm Springs International Film festival. It has already opened in the US.   So far, critics have praised the film.

There is a message: Let’s be nicer to the people around us.  Let’s be more present for our family

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