Dealing With Debt – there is help out there

dealing with debt
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Dealing with debt – a problem that is affecting several million people across the UK

Credit card debts have hit an 11-year high compared to a decade ago. It’s believed low-interest rates have encouraged people to binge on cheap credit.

Many of us have been down that road of having money trouble. There are those who can cope and manage to sort it out.  But millions struggle to pull themselves out of the massive abyss of debt.

The Financial Conduct Authority – FCA – wants credit card firms to do more to help those in debt. Suggested proposals include cancelling any interest or charges in extreme cases.

Charities also play a part with helping those in financial trouble.  Their service is free.  One of them is Step Change who have a team of advisors who can offer positive solutions. The guidance they give has provided a life-line to a number of people in debt

We spoke to Laura Rodrigues who has some tips and believes the FCA plans don’t go far enough


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