Meet the Grammar Vigilante of Bristol – he fixes apostrophes!

Meet the Grammar Vigilante

Meet the Grammar Vigilante of Bristol – it’s the apostrophe in the wrong place that drives him mad!

Meet the grammar vigilante of Bristol.  For years, it has been rumoured that somebody has been going out late at night, correcting bad punctuation on Bristol shop fronts.

The self-proclaimed “grammar vigilante” goes out undercover in the dead of night correcting street signs and shop fronts where the apostrophes are in the wrong place.

It is one of the most annoying things to see he says.  Therefore, it is necessary for someone to fix the bad grammar.

He has a full-time job during the day and makes his move when it is dark.  The spot that needs fixing is simple and doesn’t take too much time.

It is not a hard job to do but an essential one.  There are one or two different techniques he uses to get the fix right.

Meet grammar’s answer to Banksy and watch his one man mission to improve standards.

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