Article 50 Done – Theresa May: Britain is leaving the EU

Article 50 done

Article 50 Done. Britain is on its way to negotiating its way out of the EU. Watch again the presentation in the House of Commons

The Prime Minister has formally triggered Article 50.  United Kingdom is now in the process of leaving the European Union.  Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council said: We already miss the UK.

There will not be any more participation in Brussels.  No More debates in the Union.  But UK will start being its own country making its own laws.  It will not forget the EU citizens living in Britain nor the British living in EU states.

EU was 28 now it has become 27 member States.

Theresa May told the House of Commons that while the UK breaks away from the European Union “we will not be leaving Europe.”

“Aim is to deliver a smooth and orderly Brexit and build a stronger and fairer Britain.”

Mrs May said it was time to come together and that she would represent every person in the United Kingdom.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party responded by giving support to Article 50. “The next steps are the most crucial.  No deal is a bad deal.”

EU parliament not formally part of Brexit talks.  It has power to veto any final deal.  This could be tough. Determined not to give in easily to the UK. Critics believe it is important for the EU to demonstrate its power and that it will not accept any agreement between the EU and Britain.

It is going to take two years.


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