David Davis talks EU Immigration – numbers may not go down

David Davis Brexit Sec of State

David Davis talks EU Immigration on a special BBC Question Time covering the issue of Brexit.

Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, said that it is necessary to bring back migration under British control.  The Home Office will then decide how many migrants are needed.

Migration needs to be managed.  Nobody opposes migration but it must come back to the control of the UK Government said Mr Davis.  It was important to have access to a workforce that has expertise required by industries.  Numbers could go up or down.

This could become an issue and cause anger among those who want to have migration reduced. It was the main issue that led to a pull-out in the referendum.

Article 50

Theresa May will officially trigger Article 50 Wednesday March 29. High on the agenda are discussions about the number of people who can come and go into and out of the United Kingdom.

Membership of the EU means that people can enter a member country without visa permission. This may or may not be the case when Britain exits.  They can also travel freely.

Consideration will have to be given to the British people who live abroad in the European Union countries. This will be a major factor in the talks with the EU during the Brexit process.

Process for leaving the EU is expected to take two years.  Critics believe it won’t be that easy. There is much to discuss for a deal to be done. It could take longer


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