Trafalgar Vigil – thousands paid tribute after London attack. 22 March 2017

Trafalgar Vigil
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Trafalgar Vigil – thousands filled the Square to take part in event for the victims of the London attack. Candles were lit

Trafalgar Square was full of people wanting to show solidarity against terrorism and violent killings. It took place a day after the London attack at Westminster.

The Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Craig Mackey was there. So was Amber Rudd the Home Secretary and Sadiq Khan London’s Lord Mayor.  It was a powerful team on the platform.  Another show of determination and against terrorism.

In the crowd were many Muslims. They were ready to talk to anyone who wanted to know more about them and their religion.

Police have identified Khalid Masood as the man who carried out the Westminster attack and stabbed PC Keith Palmer who died from his wounds .  The death toll rose to five.  Forty were injured. The Prime Minister visited some of those hurt who were being treated in hospital.

Shock waves spread across he nation and the globe when the attack happened. It seemed inconceivable that such a violent action could take place in the heart of the Capital.

 Westminster has been cleared by police.  Traffic and underground trains are now back to normal. Public are not staying at home.  Nightlife is still full of fun.


Community of London may have been shocked but they are not going to live in fear.  Together is better.  The Capital is best city in the world.  Visitors from across the globe arrive every day.

The historic background is one of the main attractions.  Westminster and its Bridge are among them.  A free and easy location where everyone is welcome.  Security is strict but it does not stop taking a look at the Palace of Westminster where Parliament sits.  The stroll across the bridge gives a great view of the River Thames and other sites



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