PM: Attack Evil – Hate Will Not Divide Us

PM Attack Evil

PM: Attack Evil – hate will not divide us. It was a full Chamber that sat and listened to Theresa May and her reaction to the London attack

There was no doubt about the Prime Minister’s mood when she made her statement in the House of Commons.  She was firm and determined and wanted to get a message across to terrorists and terrorism.

Theresa May said the attack was a voice of evil and hate – “it will not divide us.”  She revealed that the attacker was British born and known to the security authorities.  He had been investigated in the past.

Members of Parliament from all sides of the House agreed with the Prime Minister and her comments of the London Attack. Democracy will not silenced.

The statement was also an indication that it was business as usual in Parliament. Theresa May spoke for just over 11 minutes. Members filled the Chamber.  They may have been locked in yesterday (March 22) but it was only for a short while.

London is in the process of returning to normal.  Roads are opening up around he area where the incident happened.  Police investigators have almost completed their work at the site.

The car used in the attack was hired from a rental firm in Birmingham.  Police have raided premises in the area and in other parts of the UK.  Police are gathering evidence that will help them piece together the actions of the attacker.

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