How Attack Unfolded – video of events at Westminster

attacker caught

How attack unfolded – cameras capture moments of the attack on Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster.  Thursday 22 March 2018 – a year has passed. Watch the devastation.

Video tells the story of how attack unfolded.  It shows a car ploughing into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge. Driver abandoned the car after crashing into a fence at the Houses of Westminster.  A Police officer died after he was stabbed by the attacker in the grounds of the House.  Two knives were found on the scene. Four people were killed including the attacker.  PC Keith Palmer and Aysha Frade were among the victims.

Scotland Yard said up to 40 people were injured and treated in hospitals.  Seven of them seriously.

Prime Minister Theresa May praised the bravery of the police, security and emergency services. She said life continues as normal and terrorism will not prevent democracy or the way of life in the country.

Eight arrests made in six raids in London, Birmingham and other parts of the UK. Police said those taken into custody known to the attacker.  But at this stage cannot reveal names.

PM:  There is no reason to believe there will be more attacks.  The attack is historic.  Attacker was British born and an Islamist supporter.

Tributes made from across the nation and the globe. What were you doing on the day?  A shock for the London and the rest of the country. The day was going well.

BBC correspondent Andy Moore reports on the aftermath of the Westminster attack on Wednesday March 22.

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